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Luxury Room Mist | 9 Fragrances

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Transform a room by cleansing the air with these incense sticks meticulously hand-rolled into these Apotheke Fragrance bamboo sticks. Burning each stick is calming, relaxing, and will allow time and space away from the hassles of everyday living. 


A bright floral green scent blended with the freshness of young leaves and the sweetness of flowers.

Rose / Lily / Lavender / Oakmoss / Marigold


Black oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tone. In Sushruta, an ancient pharmaceutical treatise in India, it says people may apply the smoke of agarwood as perfume, and burned agarwood was also used as an analgesic for wounds.

Agarwood / Cinnamon / Guaiac wood / Black pepper / Vetiver


An oriental-woody scent with an exotic feeling inspired by Morocco also known as “place the sun sets.” Our Maghreb Bukhoor is a blend of warm oud, rich rose, sensual musk, spicy cinnamon, ancient medical sandalwood, holy frankincense, and mint tea. 

Agarwood /Frankincense / Cinnamon / Peppermint / Damask Rose / Rose de Mai / Musk / Sandalwood


It’s a floral fruity scent from the marine-ozone family, combining freshness and purity.

Chamomile / Apple / Lychee / Mandarin / Rose / Plum / Peach / Coriander / Sandalwood


Burning each 'Tobacco Cedar' stick is calming, relaxing, and will allow time and space away from the hassles of everyday living. A bonus - the oriental woody scent is reminiscent of a cigar. 

Tobacco reef / Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Citrus / Spice


This aroma brings both freshness and sweetness with an accent of jasmine.

Bergamot / Lavender / Thyme / Mandarin / Ylang-ylang / Jasmine


A floral-fruity, feminine fragrance with both a lush and innocent character.

Apple / Water Lily / Honeysuckle / Jasmine / Lotus / Iris / Wood / Musk


This scent features overtones of lavender and Italian chamomile with orange and blended cedarwood blended. The herbal aroma offers peaceful respite.

Chamomile / Eucalyptus / Lavender / Orange / Cedarwood

Made in Japan / 60ml / Water, Ethanol, Fragrance, Surfactant / Apothecary Glass bottles / letterpress printed labels


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