Mixology KitGentlemen's HardwareMixology KitGentlemen's Hardware

Mixology Kit

AED 170
Trailhead Leather Notebook RusticoTrailhead Leather Notebook Rustico
On sale

Trailhead Leather Notebook

AED 85 AED 110
The Up-Here Trimmer Meridian GroomingThe Up-Here Trimmer Meridian Grooming

The Up-Here Trimmer

AED 175
Man Scrub Bean BodyMan ScrubBean Body

Man Scrub

AED 115
Alfriston Beard & Hair Duo The Brighton Beard Co.Alfriston Beard & Hair Duo The Brighton Beard Co.
On sale
Cigar Resin Ashtray KhashabatyCigar Resin Ashtray Khashabaty

Cigar Resin Ashtray

AED 550
The To-Go Bag Meridian GroomingThe To-Go Bag Meridian Grooming

The To-Go Bag

AED 175
Mint Toothpicks DanesonMint Toothpicks Daneson
On sale

Mint Toothpicks

AED 29 AED 45
iPhone Dock Charger OakywoodiPhone Dock Charger Oakywood
The Trimmer Meridian GroomingThe Trimmer Meridian Grooming

The Trimmer

AED 315
Sneaker Cleaning Kit Gentlemen's HardwareSneaker Cleaning Kit Gentlemen's Hardware

Sneaker Cleaning Kit

AED 85
Large Portable BBQGentlemen's HardwareLarge Portable BBQ Gentlemen's Hardware

Large Portable BBQ

AED 395 AED 490
The Nail Kit Meridian GroomingThe Nail Kit Meridian Grooming

The Nail Kit

AED 125
Waxed Canvas Bag The Brighton Beard Co.Waxed Canvas Bag The Brighton Beard Co.
On sale

Waxed Canvas Bag

AED 69 AED 90
The Spray Meridian GroomingThe Spray Meridian Grooming

The Spray

AED 95
Foot Therapy Set WanderflowerFoot Therapy Set Wanderflower

Foot Therapy Set

AED 136
Alarm Clock IzolaAlarm ClockIzola

Alarm Clock

AED 90
Cinna Mint Toothpicks DanesonCinna Mint Toothpicks Daneson
On sale

Cinna Mint Toothpicks

AED 89 AED 165
Wooden Catchall Tray OakywoodWooden Catchall Tray Oakywood
Wash Bag Gentlemen's HardwareWash Bag Gentlemen's Hardware

Wash Bag

AED 180
Tea Strainer Yvonne EllenTea Strainer Yvonne Ellen

Tea Strainer

AED 110
Wooden AirPods Case OakywoodWooden AirPods Case Oakywood
On sale

Wooden AirPods Case

AED 149 AED 175
Before Sleep CandleAery

Before Sleep Candle

AED 140
Activated Charcoal Face Mask Buddy Scrub

Activated Charcoal Face Mask

AED 72
Beach Bat & Ball Set Gentlemen's HardwareBeach Bat & Ball Set Gentlemen's Hardware
On sale

Beach Bat & Ball Set

AED 89 AED 115
Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail KitW&P DesignVirtual Happy Hour Cocktail KitW&P Design
On sale

Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

AED 49 AED 95
The Trimmer Meridian GroomingThe Trimmer Meridian Grooming

The Trimmer

AED 315
Survival Multi-Tool Kit Gentlemen's HardwareSurvival Multi-Tool KitGentlemen's Hardware

Survival Multi-Tool Kit

AED 150
Campfire Bottle & Can Opener Gentlemen's HardwareCampfire Bottle & Can Opener Gentlemen's Hardware
On sale
Happy Birthday Candle Sweet Water DecorHappy Birthday Candle Sweet Water Decor
Sleep Well Set WanderflowerSleep Well SetWanderflower

Sleep Well Set

AED 140
Smoker Mills Shave Oil The Brighton Beard Co.Smoker Mills Shave Oil The Brighton Beard Co.
On sale

Smoker Mills Shave Oil

AED 45 AED 75
Crazy Polka Socks Socks Apart

Organic Crazy Polka Socks

AED 45
Basin Leather Catch-all RusticoBasin Leather Catch-all Rustico
On sale

Leather Catch-all Basin

AED 159 AED 185
Rye 3 Step Skincare Trio The Brighton Beard Co.Rye 3 Step Skincare Trio The Brighton Beard Co.
On sale

Rye 3 Step Skincare Trio

AED 169 AED 205
Handsome Hands Manicure Kit Men's SocietyHandsome Hands Manicure KitMen's Society

Handsome Hands Manicure Kit

AED 125

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